samara_banks (samara_banks) wrote in wstlke_lounge,

Anyone can reply!

Her long brown straight hair lay flat against her back, a girl with a skinny fingure sit on a couch with a book in her hand reading, unfortunately not a book for just reading, no it was an AP Us History 4 book. That girl being Samara Banks, one of the most popular and prettiest girls in school.

She sighed slugging herself over her knees and resting her head on top of them, her short skirt rising a bit up. Samara yawned a bit and sat up straight looking around for any life. She hadn't seen her friends since she had been so busy with her college applications, she was going to get into Yale no matter what, she had finally decided that Harvard just wasn't the school for her.

Samara looked around the room with a bored expression. She flipped her hair to her back and looked up at the ceiling for a moment before bringing her finger up to her mouth to check her lipgloss. Samara crossed on leg over and layed her head on the back of the couch, closing her bright blue eyes, resting.
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